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Mcdowell Real Estate Group | Concierge Real Estate™

Arranging every detail for you, before and after the sale… not simply handing you a list of phone numbers and letting you fend for yourself… is what Concierge Real Estate is all about. It is what distinguishes our service from all the others

Concierge Real Estate begins the day we meet and lasts long after the sale or purchase of your home. We will personally arrange and meet with contractors, gardener, painter, carpet installer, cable guy, and anyone else you need in order to ensure that everything is executed flawlessly, and within the time frame that you need.

We coordinate projects such as having rooms added, floors installed, walls retextured and yards completely redone, all as part of our service to our clients.

Experience the difference that truly superior service makes, with Concierge Real Estate. One of our clients compared our service to having box seats at a ball game, stating that, “Once you’ve had them you are spoiled forever and will never be able to go back to ordinary seats.”

Our Pillars.
Passion Affilation Integrity Innovation

Treating customers like family is both a guiding principle and a way of life for our team. We don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of our clients. We believe in not only the importance of defining our service and brand but most importantly establishing a structure of pillars that represent us in the way we do business.

Passion 01

This is why we get up in each and every morning. To put it simple, we love what we do. Making connections and lifetime relationships with our clients past and beyond the closing of your sale is what we take pride in. Becoming a part of your family and bringing you into ours is why we do what we do.

Affilation 02

We believe that in order to succeed in anything, it is important to surround yourself with the best tools and resources that are going to help you along the way. That is why we position ourselves with the best in the business. Compass stands on a pedestal of its own for its level of service and global reach and with it, we strive to create unique opportunities for each and every one of our clients.

Integrity 03

We pride ourselves in building relationships with all of our clients and with that comes trust. Honesty is the best policy and transparency is key. In real estate, reputation is everything and we stand by our ability to lead our buyers and sellers with their best interest every step of the way.

Innovation 04

Being in the direct sphere of Silicon Valley where technology is ever evolving, we see the importance of embracing change and creating new opportunities. We are continuously exploring new ways to increase productivity and be at the forefront of innovation in the real estate industry.

Our Value Proposition.

Our job is to help you get the most value at the
top of the range. There are 5 ways we do this:


We will walk through your property together and we will show you ways to enhance the value so you get top dollar for your home.


We will help you with pricing strategy - not pricing it too high so you scare buyers away or too low so you leave money on the table.


Our marketing plan will give you maximum exposure so we attract more buyers and more contracts. The more buyers and contracts you have, the higher your property will sell.


We will help you negotiate the best contract. Negotiation is an important skill in any market.


We are your transaction managers. There are a lot of moving parts. Our job is to handle those parts so your contract closes on time.

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