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Home Buyers Should Hear These From Their Agents

Buying a home in the East Bay? Top real estate agents in California will do more than offer assistance – they will also educate you on the buying process so that you feel more confident about making decisions. As a buyer, you can expe...

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Your Guide to the Alameda County Fair

When looking for things to do in Pleasanton, CA, consider going to the Alameda County Fair, one of the most anticipated annual events in the East Bay. This weeks-long event has been running since 1912 and brings a mix of new and traditional...

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Home Selling No-No’s to Watch Out For

Getting ready to sell your home? It may take several months, and in some cases, up to a year, to make all the necessary preparations and discern Pleasanton, California home prices. To ensure a quick and profitable sale, here are some co...

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