Bay Area Market Update: April - May 2023

Bay Area Market Update: April - May 2023

  • Peter McDowell
  • 05/24/23

Positive Trends Emerge in the Bay Area: We are pleased to present an update on the current state of the housing market in the Bay Area, with a particular focus on the Tri-Valley & South Alameda County region. Despite ongoing uncertainties, recent indicators point towards positive developments and a rebound in buyer demand.

One notable trend is the increase in buyer activity, as reflected by a rise in open house attendance and a greater number of listings selling quickly with multiple offers. This surge in interest suggests renewed confidence among buyers, who have come to accept higher interest rates as the new normal.

While mortgage applications remain lower than the previous year, many buyers have chosen to move forward with their purchases, encouraged by the recent downward trend in interest rates. Notably, a significant minority of buyers opt for all-cash transactions, indicative of a strong market and financially capable buyers.

Although median sales prices have experienced a decline from last year's market peak, they have begun to show signs of upward movement in 2023. It is important to note that prices in most markets across the Bay Area are still higher than pre-pandemic levels, showcasing the resilience and value of the region's real estate market.

However, a challenge persists in the form of limited inventory. The number of new listings has dropped significantly, primarily due to the "mortgage lock-in effect." Homeowners with low, long-term, fixed-rate mortgages are reluctant to sell and buy at higher prevailing rates. This scarcity of new listings has implications for the supply-demand dynamics, putting additional pressure on prices even in a reduced activity environment.

We recognize that uncertainties related to inflation, interest rates, stock markets, and federal debt-limit negotiations persist. These factors continue to influence market conditions and require careful monitoring. However, the overall trajectory of the 2023 housing market in the Bay Area has been positive, aligning with historical recovery patterns following market corrections.

The San Francisco Bay Area has consistently proven its resilience, weathering multiple boom and bust cycles over the past four decades. As a global financial and cultural center, a hub of innovation, and a region renowned for its beauty and diversity, we remain confident in the Bay Area's enduring appeal and long-term prospects.

It is important to note that these trends are subject to fluctuations, and individual property values may vary. We recommend consulting with the McDowell Homes Group to comprehensively analyze specific properties.

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