The Definitive Checklist For Finding a Home With More Space

The Definitive Checklist For Finding a Home With More Space

  • McDowell Homes Group
  • 11/26/22

That 1500-square-foot home felt like plenty of space when it was just the two of you. Once kids were added to the mix, or maybe just a big dog, your opinion on the space might have changed. When you know, you know. Realizing you need more space in your home is the easiest step; finding the perfect fit is the harder one.

Thinking it is time for you and your loved ones to go bigger? Here is a definitive checklist for finding a new home with more space out together by experts, McDowell Homes Group.

Your price range

Understanding what you can afford is important when starting the home-buying process. You want to ensure that the homes you tour are within your budget. Remember to think beyond just the sales price. Consider any renovations you would make on the property or other associated costs. You will also want to get pre-approved for a mortgage as soon as you start thinking about upsizing. The sooner you do this, the better. That way, you know what you can afford and can work with a trustworthy agent as soon as you are ready to start. The agent should be able to help you find homes within your price range and schedule showings so you can see the space in person.

Home layout and features

Clearly, one of the most important things you are looking for in your new home is the layout. You long for more space, but where do you want that additional space? Are you looking for a bigger kitchen or closet space? Do you prefer to have more space in the yard? Narrowing down your ideal home’s layout and features will help you create a better vision in your mind. Maybe, you can create a list of things in your current home that feels cramped or outdated and merge that into a new perspective list.

Are there features you can’t settle for in a new home? Some homebuyers will refuse to purchase a home that needs renovations, while others will buy a home solely on its good foundation. Getting serious about the layout you want in your new home will save you some precious time.

The neighborhood matters

Do you prefer the peace and quiet or the convenience of being near town? You want more space, but you know that means giving up your current neighborhood. Moving can certainly be emotional after you have made lasting memories in your previous home. However, these memories can be re-created if you prioritize finding a neighborhood you enjoy just as much as the home. Do you want to feel included in a friendly neighborhood, or would you rather have your own space and land where no one disturbs you? Finding a neighborhood that matches your needs is key.

Focus on the future

You should think about the years ahead when purchasing a new home. If you can foresee a scenario where you’ll have a child, allow an aging parent to move in, or take on new business endeavors, it is wise to keep these things in mind while you search for a larger space. For example, it is best to look for that now if you think you will need a bigger office space or a nursery in your new home four or five years from now.

Another factor to consider is the resale value of your house. A big home can be a significant investment, so it is better to make it a wise one. Perform market research by learning what prices homes are selling for in your area. Keep in mind that there are local trends or demands in different areas that could eventually affect the future selling price. Ensure there are no big city plans to demolish or rebuild parts of the area because that could negatively affect the future of your home!

Tour each house

Open houses can help you get a sense of the housing options in your area. With advanced technology these days, potential buyers can also experience online 3D videos accompanied by Pleasanton real estate listings. However, do not solely rely on this since you will not be able to catch everything the same way you can with your own keen eyes.

Online postings can be a great way to get a glimpse of a home to see if it is something you like. Step two would be to schedule a private showing with a real estate agent. During a showing, you will get a more accurate idea of whether the property is what you are looking for. Each room will tell a story of its own, and you can get a glimpse of what life would be like in the house.

Consider your lifestyle

Your quality of life within your home is extremely important. Feeling cramped and unorganized can leave you super frustrated. With that said, be sure to find a new home in Livermore, California, that will expand your quality of life and fill in the missing pieces that your last house could not. If your lifestyle consists of gardening and being outdoors versus someone whose lifestyle is more focused on their business, you will need to remember that when choosing a home. Concentrate on the most important spaces you longed for in your last home!

Enjoy the journey

Most importantly, try not to stress too much over the upscaling process. Buying a bigger house can be a dream come true, and you may find yourself getting excited to envision your new space. It can be made all the easier if you have an amazing agent by your side. Peter McDowell is a trustworthy agent who pledges to be in constant communication with his clients. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a home-cooked meal in your dream home with more space!

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