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Best Practices to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

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Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville, or San Ramon in the Tri-Valley area, it’s important to work with a Realtor you can trust and feel comfortable with.

The best real estate agents not only have impressive credentials and track records. They also have the right attitude and the commitment to put their clients’ interests above everything. The best practices of top real estate agents in California is to know their client, inform their client, and form a team that can fulfill their client’s goals.  This is also known as the concierge approach to real estate.
Here are some of the qualities and best practices you should look for in a Realtor:

They provide timely response and action

We live in the digital age and the response time that a buyer or seller expects is measured in minutes, not days.  That goes double for the initial contact. We are conditioned on a daily basis to expect an almost instantaneous response. 

In real estate, it’s imperative for your agent to quickly respond to your text, call, or email. They should get back to you within a reasonable period and address your concerns with urgency.

This quick personal response is vital in helping you achieve your real estate goals. If you’re looking for a home, keeping track of potential homes that pop onto the market should be a primary goal. By giving you the heads up on listings that fit your preferences, and being open and available to meet you to field any questions at a moment’s notice, you’re able to stay ahead of the pack.

In addition to their exclusive listings, shared listings widen your home choices. Fast notifications of any and all listings that are tailored to your needs give you the jump on less committed competitors. Top real estate agents understand this and make it a point to remain in touch with you at all times.

Also, they should get the offer in fast on a hot property. In fact, they should apply that principle to any home. If it is your choice, it’s a hot property.

They take the time to know your needs and preferences

Part of the concierge approach to real estate is getting to know you as the client, as well as your tastes, interests, and goals.  These areas are as important as your finances. They have to go beyond the usual checklist that outlines what would fit your demographic, and talk to you about your personal expectations.

It’s important to know what type of lifestyle you want and are comfortable with, what your life interests are, and how these intangibles fit into your home choice. Home buying or selling is a very personal journey of choices. Understanding the mix of your straightforward and unique requirements makes for a great real estate experience.

They keep you informed at all times

The right Realtor should let you know what to expect as they help you achieve your real estate goal. Whether buying or selling, it’s a stressful process.  To minimize that stress, you should be given a general overview of the process and a heads up on each step along the way. Knowing what to expect takes a lot of the stress out of a life-changing decision. Your agent should realize that is what’s considered common knowledge to industry insiders may not be as familiar to you.

They’re knowledgeable about the market

You’ll likely depend on your Realtor for guidance in making critical decisions. In return, your Realtor should equip themselves with the knowledge needed to succeed in the market. It’s easy to find an agent who will simply say what you want to hear. Make sure that your agent is not merely making empty promises. Ask them about market facts and figures, and about their own personal statistics. How many homes have they sold in the area? What was the sale prices of these homes? How long did it take to close a sale?

They have quality teamwork

A committed empathetic staff trained to customize their response to your unique needs is something you should expect. A large office can give the illusion of efficiency, but a carefully selected staff committed to a concierge approach is more rewarding. Work with a cohesive, accomplished team where each staff member has the training and commitment to help you achieve your goals.

They have the drive to excel

The best real estate agents in California adopt innovative approaches that have brought proven success in similar businesses. Bringing in new concepts and broadening their reach to help you meet your needs will give you the edge over other buyers or sellers.

Best agent traits

The best real estate agent should have empathy for you, tenacity for the deal, and conscientiousness in meeting your goals every day. These are the essential elements of the concierge approach, and this what we offer our clients.

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